Let your children play outside – The advantages

Outdoor toys aren’t only things to play with, they are mediums to train your child emotionally, physically and educationally. It helps to avoid child obesity and it gives your child the everyday essentials he needs. Child obesity has been rapidly growing and it’s alarming how many children have grown obese. Strict schedules and long work hours have destroyed the balance of parents and children.

Outdoor activities

Parents work long hours and when they get home to their kids they feed them and then put them in front of the computer or TV so that they don’t have to look after them, it’s understandable since we all work so hard, but it’s essential that you at least put in an hour of attention solely focused on your kids. You should encourage them to play outside and give them the outdoor toys they need to keep them interested. Outdoor activities will help them exercise under developed muscles as well as help them with motor skills and social skills they need. Their motor skills are developed when the child plays with balls, balances on beans and climbs a jungle gym.

Skills moulded

His social skills are tested and moulded when he has to share his toys with his brothers, sisters or friends. He is taught self discipline when it comes to waiting his turn on the slide and leadership skills develop on the playground where he might decide to jump in an argument and delegate.

As your child runs outside and plays he will constantly be communicating with his friends which help him enhance his communicative abilities. When he’s sitting in front of the television or computer he doesn’t talk to anyone and keeps to himself. Playing is a social game. Even when playing alone outside the child is forced ot use his imagination, which helps his creativity grow. Creativity is also an important medium, especially when he or she wants to pursue a career where they need their creativity to complete a project.

Playing outside is healthy and there are many benefits, try to teach your child to play outside and if you need some R&R then let them watch television and play computer but enforce a tight schedule so that they can get the best of both worlds. If you don’t have a flicker scooter then I’d advise finding the best toy shops and buying it, it should keep them busy for a few more hours so that you can relax.


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