Common Car Buying Mistakes

I know that buying a car is exciting and we often get carried away by the whole experience, which means we fail to see the small things that affect you in the long wrong. These are a few common car buying mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  • Too much emotion

We can easily fall in love with the first car we see, you need to avoid this. By becoming emotionally attached to one model means you will fail to see the negatives about it or you won’t see the positives in the other cars you will try. Set emotions to one side and make sure you have done your research on all the cars you will be testing.

  • Specific dealer

If you are looking for truck bodies do not go look at the Hyundai dealership for example. Go to a dealership that sells a particular brand or type of car.

  • Skipping the test drive

This is a very important part of the car buying process. Car will obviously look good on paper and the model may be beautiful in real life, but it doesn’t mean that it will live up to your expectations on when you actually drive the car.

  • Focusing only on the monthly repayment

Many sales people will like to bargain based on what the monthly payment will be, although this is only a way of being manipulated and you will end up paying more than you should. Always discuss the vehicles price first, and then move on to financing, trading and optional extras.

  • Under estimating the value of modern safety features

Most modern vehicles today come with a safety features. Many buyers, however, do not know what safety features to look for. You could be buying a car with farm machinery safety equipment for all you know. Important things to look for are ABS braking, stability control, side air bags.

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