If you are not online, then where are you?

This saying would most probably have made no sense whatsoever about ten years ago. While there has always been some sort of buzz surrounding the online world, it has only gained the reputation it currently has over the last couple of years. People have shied away from using the internet because it seems like something only used by kids and geeks. This is not the case anymore however. More and more people are catching on and getting involved with the internet though.

Mothers, fathers’ grandmas and grandpa’s all alike have started to convene on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. No longer is it only something for the youth. What is even more exciting is that businesses have also joined the party and are now putting themselves out there.

If your business provides web analytics insights, mobile marketing measurement services or even if you sell biscuits at the traffic light, social media and the internet can be of service to you. You are losing out if you are not making use of these free services at your disposal.

If you don’t have a business you can still join in the fun and create an account on any of many social media websites that are available. These sites can link you to your favorite sports team or your best friend. If you are not into social media, you can surf the internet for any topic under the sun.

So the question that is still running through my mind is this: if you are not online, where are you?


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