Taking Africa Home

One thing that you need to do when visiting South Africa is to make your way down to the Kruger national park and book yourself a few nights at the Tydon safari tours. These tours last anything from three days all the way up to seven days. If you’re not a real camper you can still experience the Kruger National Park Camping safari experience as just a day visitor with their day tours. They have an option that caters for everybody.

When taking part in the Kruger park safari you will be within 20,000 square kilometers of complete wilderness… something that might make you feel very small but at the same time allowing you to appreciate the finer things in life. The best part of the Kruger Park safari is allowing campers to be able to come into contact with the lion pride, open their eyes to leopards, stand in awe at the giant elephants, water buffalo and rhino. These African memories are definitely one that you would treasure for a whole lifetime, as it’s something that will never be replaced. The Kruger national park camping safaris also allow you the opportunity to experience the breath-taking Kruger park safari sunrises that starts the brand new day. The end of the day is just as breath-taking as you’re seated around the traditional Kruger park safari camp fire gazing at the stars millions of light-years away.

The Kruger national park camping safari site is situated not far from the Paul Kruger gate so if need be you are able to access the main gate easily. The camp site brings you a traditional African “Kruger park safari feel to your stay so you’re not exactly thrown into the deep end. You will not be able to have said that you visited South Africa without having stayed at the Kruger park safari site. When you leave you will be taking a little bit of Africa home.

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