3 Rooms you should renovate

When you feel the urge to renovate I would suggest that you start in the three (besides you bedroom) that most likely need renovating. Many people don’t realise how a room can affect their mood and that’s why you need to look at your rooms and decide what you need to redesign and how you need to redesign it. After you have decided you need to write down a budget for your renovations so that you can keep a tight string on your purchases.


The smallest changes you can make to make the biggest improvement in your bathroom is to paint your walls and tile your floors. Painting your walls will give you the option of using modern paint colours and painting it in a light shade will give the room a bigger appearance, lighter colours have also been known to lift moods.

Tiling your room will also give your bathroom a modern look and makes it easier to clean the bathroom. Carpeted bathrooms are great but they take forever to clean and they get wet as the room steams up when you use the bath.


The kitchen is a place where your whole family spends as well and you need to optimise the space as much as possible. Clear out any unnecessary corners in the room and try to build the room so that you can flow from workstation to workstation. Using the pyramid method in your design makes it easier to get to all your work areas. Tiling your kitchen room also makes it easier to clean since the kitchen will most likely be used for chopping up produce, cooking poultry and other meat as well as drinking wine. All of these ingredients will eventually dirty your kitchen and that’s why you need something that cleans easily. If you have the knack for laying wall tiles then it should be easy for you to add a few wall tiles to add that extra touch to your room.

Living Room

The living room is easy to renovate and need three simple steps to completely transform it. When you start with the living room,keeping your budget in mind, you should replace your furniture. New furniture brightens up the room and will give your room a modern look. Painting your walls as well as tiling your floor will give it a great finishing touch.


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