The Benefits of Lego to your child

Lego’s have been in our lives for ages and I personally have a bag full of Lego’s that has been passed over from father to son and then son to father. So why do we still play with Lego’s these days? It’s simple, because they are fun and challenging at the same time.

The reason why Lego’s are so fun to play with is because they leave rooms open for your imagination. You don’t have a set plan in front of you that tells you what to build. You can build forty different designs with one set of Lego’s. The best thing about Lego’s is that after you build you can play with it. That opens up the possibilities even more of keeping you busy for hours.


Tired of the awesome imaginext batcave you built? Then just pull it apart and build a pirate ship and sail the seven seas of adventure. Tired once again of the pirate life, then pull it apart and build a castle or a keep for your young hero to defend against hordes of zombies.The uses of Lego’s are limitless and that why your child will benefit from playing with Lego. It doesn’t confine their imagination and they can do with it what they want. It develops your child’s creativity as well as his ability to imagine.

Themed lego

If your child has a specific interest then you will most certainly find a theme in Lego land which will fit his taste. You can find anything from space, pirates, cowboys, farm life, army or medieval times in your online or local stores. With these sets you have a structured plan with a certain amount of Lego pieces and they show you how to assemble your castle or pirate ship. This teaches your child how to construct and how to work with instructions.

Lego’s will always be the best toy in the world to play with and the best thing is that it comes in all shapes and sizes and for all age groups to enjoy…maybe even for some adults who still enjoy playing with Lego’s.


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