Modern bathroom design 101

Home owners are leaning toward more modern looks as their design are outdated. Bigger windows and lighter colors seem to be the modern approach. Replacing carpets and plaster with tiles also give a modern feel and that’s why you have to sit down and think about you need to change your room and what the long-term effects will be. You need to realize that the bathroom is a place where family often frequent and it will definitely affect their mood as they use it throughout the day.


If you need inspiration for your design you will find many resources on the internet. Forums also give great advice where likeminded people want to share their ideas and what saved them time. If you have the budget and the time you may also employ a designer who can help you with your overall look. Once you have a good idea of what your bathroom should look like you should consider you budget. You should also think about the before mentioned short term and long term effects.

Long term vision

In our honest opinion having a long term vision for your bathroom is both financially and décor friendly. If you buy quality products such as appliances, tiling and objects you will save in the long run since you don’t have to buy new things the next year. Quality products just have a longer lifetime and don’t tarnish as fast as the cheaper versions. If you’re lucky you’ll find a company that sells quality products at a steal. It all depends on the kind of research and planning you do beforehand.

Modern designs

Modern designs often include toilets that flush themselves, towel racks which heat your towels and other amazing appliances. If you enjoy showers you can buy the latest shower on the market or you can replace your shower head with the latest designs. The latest designs also have water savings devices on them if you are water conscious. Remember to let as much light as possible into the room which oftens gives it a very airy and relaxed feeling. Adding modern baths, bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles will give your room a very modern design which will only add to the value of the overall design.


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