Three Famous Diamond Mines in the World

Diamonds are every woman’s dream. But have you ever wondered where it came from?

Diamonds are formed deep down within the earth’s surface, around 150 km deep and most of them are millions of years old. They have been glorified as the greatest, oldest mineral and the hardest substance known to man.

Today diamonds are mined in about 25 countries, from Australia, Africa, India, Ghana, Zaire, Russia, USA Arkansas, California, Colorado, and North Carolina, and Brazil. Russia, Botswana, Australia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, have currently the most commercially viable diamond deposits.

Here is a list of some of the world’s richest, largest and popular mines that produce most of the diamonds in the world.

The Mir Mine

The Mir Mine in Siberia is the largest man-made hole in the word now inactive. It is 1,250 meters in diameter rand 525 meters in depth. Aircrafts above the mine is forbidden after several accidents, where aircrafts were apparently sucked in by air flowing inward.

The Orapa

Now, the world’s largest diamond mine is the Orapa which means the resting place of lions in Setswana, located in the Botel, Botswana.  The mine is owned by Debsana, a join venture between the diamond giant De Beers and the government of Botswana. The Orapa mine produced 9.53 million carats in 2010 alone.  Beside diamond producing facilities, the mine has pre and primary school for employees’ children, a 100 bed hospital and a game park.

The Catoca

The other biggest and richest diamond in the world is the Catoca and claims to be the world’s fourth-largest kimberlite pipe, the geological formation from which most of the world’s diamonds are mined. It is located in Angola, owned by Russia’s Alrosa, Brazil’s Odebrecht, Israel’s Daumonty and Angola’s state-owned mining company.  The mine went into production in 1997 and expected to produce 60 million carats over its lifetime.

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