Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is a common occurrence in men and women. People have experienced this problem for hundreds of years and this had led to many myths of how hair loss can be solved. As you read below you might notice that you have believed one or two of these myths for years. Scientifically these myths have not been proven to be true.

Hair loss actually occurs when a specific hormone in our body is experiencing higher levels than normal. You might experience hair loss during times of puberty, pregnancy and menopause. In men, male baldness is usually hereditary; the genetics is actually a combination of your mothers and fathers side. This means that if your dad has a full head of hair, it doesn’t guarantee that you will not go bald. However, in today’s modern society there are a variety of hair loss treatment for men and women.

Here is a list of myths about hair loss:

  • Some say Male baldness is caused from the genetics of maternal grandfather only.
  • Hair loss is caused from day to day stress. This is not true, stress does cause hair loss but only if the stress is extreme and over a long period of time.
  • Permanent hair loss is caused from washing your hair too regularly or colouring your hair. Your hair is able to restore itself from the above treatments.
  • Another myth is that brushing your hair helps nourish the hair and that shaving your head actually makes your hair thicker.

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