Alpaca Farming

Have you ever thought of leaving your day job and doing something completely different to the herd? If you have considered moving out of the city into something far more relaxing, then try considering alpaca farming.

Alpaca’s come from the camel family and originates from South America. They resemble a lama and their wool is extremely valuable across the world. Farming Alpacas holds the potential to held great profits. The only question to ask is whether it is the right business opportunity for you?

Does being on the field early in the morning with a cup of tea, looking after your herd and talking about the different yarns excite you? Alpaca farming is actually a close community that help and care for each other. So if you can see yourself living a life like this, then go do more research on what it entails.

Firstly, you will have to buy fine fleece alpacas that have a proven family history of marketable fleece. Full research is to be taken on your alpacas due to the financial aspects you will be undertaking. Visit a local alpaca farm to get an idea of what it needed and the type of lifestyle the farmer leads. You will see that they use rollback trucks for transportation and might even keep a small truck that acts as a fire engine in case of emergencies. As you will see, it is not only about investing in the alpacas but also the equipment to make their life easier and produce the final product.

trailer for sale, fire engine, rollback trucks

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