Goodbye Mosquito’s!

Psss psss psss…yes it’s that irritating noise that prevents many people from having a peaceful sleep. A mosquito, as small as it is, can make enough noise to wake someone up, no matter how good their rest assured mattress is. Often the summer season is dreaded just because you know the mosquitos will be arriving with the heat. Here is a few ways to help you fight them back.

Scented plugs:

There is no point being up every night trying to find a tiny mosquito while you are still half asleep. I suggest the first thing you do is buy a plug attachment that lets off a certain smell that mosquito’s can’t handle.Edblo Mattress, rest assured mattress, buy beds

Mosquito repellent cream/spray:

Always keep a bottle of this cream right next to your bed, so if you hear a mosquito buzzing you don’t have to wake up, you simply reach for your cream and apply it. This prevents the mosquito’s from biting your skin.

Mosquito nets:

This is a cheap method to your mosquito problem. You might have to make a small adjustment to the design of your room but you are guaranteed a peaceful asleep upon your edblo mattress.

Mosquito magnet traps:

These traps are a lot more expensive but you won’t have to make any adjustments to your room. It can reach quite a large area which is important for big rooms. It works with a particular gas that attracts the mosquito and then dehydrates them once they are stuck in the net.


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