California Dreaming

Every man has a car he dreams of owning one day. No matter what the price or how ridiculous it looks, you dream of having that car because it feels like it has a personal connection to you. You might have only seen it in pictures but you are in love. You know this car was made with you in mind. You might even go as far as saying it was made specifically for you. In my case, this car is the Ferrari California.

This car is what dreams are made of (well, at least my dreams). I will not bore you with the specifics about the car or how many Italians it took to assemble this baby. What I will say is that when you get into this car, you will be astonished by everything from the rubber flooring mats to the sound of the engine. There is not one feature you want to miss out on. It is like the world becomes a better place when you hear the sound of that mid-front eight cylinder engine roaring from underneath the beautifully styled bonnet.

It takes under four seconds to reach a speed of 60 mph and is capable of a top speed of 193 mph. With such staggering figures you can be sure of passing by traffic signs in a blur. Not that I am promoting speeding, just stating the facts.

When it comes to dream cars you may say that it is different strokes for different folks and you would be absolutely right. That is the beauty of the car. It has its own personality, just like its owner.


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