Gym Etiquette. A weighty matter.

Every institution or company has a certain set of rules or regulations that need to be followed. Not all of these rules are written down or placed on a big notification board at the entrance, but they are just common sense. For instance, it is not permitted to kick the door down, it is not written down somewhere but you know it’s not cool. These so-called unwritten rules are called etiquette. Unfortunately supplements in South Africa don’t enhance basic decency.

First up, leave your cellphone in the car or in your locker. The gym isn’t an office, and if you are holding people up because you are on your phone, you are out of line. Don’t sit on the equipment while you are chatting away on your mobile. If you are not expecting a call about your heart transplant then you have no reason to distract the rest of the gym.

Secondly, wipe the machines or equipment after you use them. No-one wants to lay down in your puddle of sweat. It is disgusting to wrap your hand around a soaking wet bar or putting your head on a bench covered with Fabio’s hair gel.

Thirdly, the gym is not a social club or therapy room. If you want to discuss your usn products it is fine, but make sure you don’t hold up the machines or weights that someone else is looking to use. Hogging equipment is also unacceptable, people don’t have hours to wait, so be considerate and share the equipment when possible.

Screaming, grunting and swearing. No-one cares how hard you are pushing yourself to do that last rep, so no-one wants to hear you scream, grunt or swear. it also does not make the weight go up faster. Go spew your profanities somewhere else. If you are looking for attention, go on Facebook and see how many people like your status.

The last thing worthy of a mention are those lazy farts who don’t put the weights back after they are done. It is easy, the same action you used to pick them up with, you use yo put them back with.

Hopefully this article changes the way you conduct yourself in the gym. If it doesn’t, I take it you already knew all of the above.

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