Technology for the seeing impared

People with eye problems are very limited in what kind of activities they can do with their spare time. A lot of people go through surgeries such as cataract treatment or iLasik surgery in order to rectify their eye issues. There is however plenty of things for the seeing impaired people to do without the help of surgery. Manufactures have developed so many fancy gadgets that make even fully blind people able to have a fun time.

The Braile Rubik Cube

A rubik cube is something that most people with excellent sight cant even complete. They have created one for blind people to try out now as well. The braille rubiks cube has different braille writing on every square and even though it make take a blind person a bit longer to feel around every square it is still a fantastic idea. This should keep someone entertained for a long time.

The seeing walking stick

They have created a walking stick that has an actual eye to see where its going. The eye can see stuff like bumps and stairs and warn the user effectively before they reach the danger. This is obviously going to be more expensive then the more simple models but will probably be worth it in the end.

The blind mans mug

This mug can speak directly to somebody that is trying to make coffee or tea or basically trying to fill the mug up with any kind of liquid. There are 3 different levels in the mug which helps the user know exactly how much more can still fit in the mug. So a voice tells the person when the mug is almost full or only half way.



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