Camping Gone 5 Star

For those that like the outdoors but not the messy uncomfortable part of it, luxury camping is the next best thing. Camping has changed over the years and new business opportunities arose for many when they saw the need for such an experience.

All around the world you will find this idea, the term for it is ‘glamping’. It means you can mix the wild with glamourise living. This will include things like beautiful gourmet meals, hot showers in clean spaces, a designer lounge overlooking the surroundings and most probably a health spa. Camping has now gone 5 star. It is all about the comfort and luxury while still taking in the fresh air.

This is a great way to experience the best part of the outdoors. I have heard of the Sabi Sabi Bush Camp which is completely amazing and different from anything else you have seen before. While you are there, you can take a Kruger Park Safari and experience the wonders of the big five upfront.kruger park safari, sabi sabi bush camp, kruger park tours

By glamping in a great area, it also means there is going to be more activities that will be prepared for you, with a guide to take you through it.

Some people have taken this experience into their own hands and bought luxurious tents and equipment for themselves. This means you can travel to different places each year and save a lot of money. Perhaps this is a good idea for the husband and wife who need to compromise on the outdoor experience.


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