Understanding Botox

skin laser clinic, botoxBotox seems to be a great way to fix those wrinkles and frown lines on the face and neck. It can also help with other medical conditions, such as excessive sweating and migraine pain. Botox is still considered a medical treatment; therefore every patient needs to know more about the complications and risks involved.

Here are some of the risks involved:

  • Breathing problems

Certain muscles may be affected after a Botox injection is used. Those who already have breathing problems before the treatment are more likely to experience this risk.


  • Irregular results

The doctor doing your treatment cannot guarantee how your body will react. For example one side of your face may react differently than the other side.


  • Speaking problems

After a Botox procedure you may a slight paralysis around the mouth which may prevent speech for a short while.


  • Toxicity

In safe amounts the toxin found in Botox has no harm to the body. Although, if used incorrectly it can have many bad reactions, such as blurry vision, weak muscles, droopy eyelids, uncontrollable bladder etc.

As we can see it is highly important that you find a good recommended skin laser clinic that has certified treatments. Make sure to tell your medical physician about any other medical concerns to prevent any risks from occurring. Botox in Cape Town around the world is used and trusted, you just have to find the right clinic and doctor.


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