A Pocket full of Sunshine

Giving children of all ages pocket-money is the order of the day. Youths from early ages to up to the age of 25 (maybe even older) get pocket-money from their parents or whoever it may be. What if we changed it up a bit and encouraged our children to use the money they get, to make more, by any (legal) means possible. Think of children involved in forex trading.

This may seem far-fetched, but children and young adults in general have gotten used to getting whatever they want and need. No chores are done to earn your pocket-money, you simply get it every month. If we changed the way we approach our giving towards our children, chances are we will see amazing results. Instead of just giving our kids money, give them money and teach them to make more. See it as an investment. You entrust your kid with a portion of your money, and you trust him or her to make more.

Needless to say, if your money does not increase, you will lower your investment. To put it simply, you invest amount X. At the end of the month you want to see amount X, and whatever was made above and beyond that, your kid can keep. As he or she grows older, you can increase your investment, which will increase their pocket-money in turn. This will obviously only work if your child actually make an effort.

You can invest in something like metatrader 4 software to get your child motivated and started off. In the end you might also catch on and start trading yourself.


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