LEGO’s Winning Recipe

63 Years ago in Denmark the Lego Legend was discovered. Targeting young boys this interlocking plastic brick company realized Lego caught the attention of full grown men and a selective group of women a long time ago. Surely Lego didn’t pass on this opportunity, but did so for many years. Only a decade ago they realized the great opportunity they had.

Stubbornly Lego marketed Lego friends only to kids and adults showing interest in Lego must be weird, unknowingly how much potential lies in this group. Eventually when they realized the potential, Lego grew exponentially.

Many students and professionals use lego in their robotic and architectural classes. Building models to show collogues what they have in mind. This is a very easy tool to assist someone in this field as building small models with other materials can take up a lot of time. Lego’s target group just expanded with a few million people including professionals that don’t mind paying higher prices for something they want.

Many adults also use lego as a hobby like building certain objects like the famous Black Pearl Pirate ship. It is almost like a 3D puzzle that the whole family can enjoy. If dad doesn’t want to share his hobby with mom and the kids he can also build his own lego motorcycle or something that interests him.

The AFOL – Adult Fans of LEGO’s has a fan base of 40 000 and is still growing strong. With Lego’s eyes that eventually opened, success was on their doorstep. With their product they don’t need any marketing tools other than their product. People all around the world love the challenge of building life size objects or even visiting life size object built with lego blocks. Take a look at some of the life size avengers’ action figures that attacks tourists.


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