Travelling tips for the adventurer

When travelling you will find there are many differences in each country. You might find there are many similarities as well but just to make sure you should do some homework before you go so that you don’t feel hopelessly lost when you embark on your adventure. Here is a list of things you should consider before you go on your trip to an exotic (or normal) land.

1. Know the law
One thing that definitely changes when you’re in a different country is the law. While it might be acceptable for you to walk with baggy jeans in America it might be a major offence in Saudi Arabia. Where you might be allowed to feed animals in parks you will be heavily fined if you try the same thing when visiting the Kruger national park in South Africa. The Kruger Park might listen to your plea’s of being a tourist but rather learn the rules and enjoy the stay than being caught up in a misunderstanding.

2. Learn the culture
Values change as you cross the border and gestures, tradition and cultures affect how you will be accepted when you come into their country. Study the culture, show the natives you are interested and you will be welcomed with open arms by most. Culture is what makes a country and sets it aside from others. You’ll enjoy yourself more when you know what makes the people tick when you visit their country.

3. The language
When you are travelling and you desperately need help its difficult to express yourself when you are in a country with a different language. The language barrier will be obvious so buy a small translation book to help you when you need something serious such as the police, hospital or food.

4. Cover yourself
Travel insurance is always a great thing to have because you never know what might happen, the unexpected yes! Get cover to help you when you need that little bit of extra money if you end up in the hospital or your rented car crashes.

So before you go, study the land and find out where are the best spots and what you should be doing while you are there.


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