Tips to ease back pain relief

There are many things that can lead to back pain such as lack of exercise, hurting your muscles when lifting heavy objects or something as simple as the wrong kind of bed for you. Most people who suffer from back pain don’t realise that these factors lead to their pain and could be easily fixed or should be looked at so that they can receive treatment. Knowledge is power and with this power you can spare yourself the pain. Here are three tips that you can try to help relieve some of your back pain.

1. Do some exercise

Excessive weight can often lead to back pain. Start doing some exercise and get into a routine which works for you. Let’s be realistic, not everyone has the time to do a two hour workout so work with what you have and turn everyday activities into an exercise regime. I lost ten kilograms from leaving the car at work and walking. Weakened muscles and joints can often lead to spinal injuries and that’s why you must strengthen your muscles.

 2. Pain medications and topical creams

There are pain medications and topical creams which can help you with your pain but contact your pharmaceutical advisor or general practitioner first. Even though it will sooth the pain it won’t be a permanent resolve to the problem. Start out with medication and locate what the real problem is behind the pain. If the pain was merely temporary then the pills and creams should do the trick.

3. Your bed

We spend six to eight hours in our bed and people seem to forget the importance of how your bed and mattress sets your spinal cord. You can buy orthopedic beds for a great night’s sleep and it will support your spine when you sleep. It takes a few days to get used to but once you get comfortable you will have the deepest sleeps you’ve had in years. When sitting in the car you should purchase a back support cushion for your lower back and it should greatly help with the pain and preventing it


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