Heredity or the Environment?

hair loss treatment for men, male baldnessEver wondered what your physical problems are a cause of. Perhaps heredity and the environment both play a role in the amount and type of problems that have occurred in your life.


Good genetics can take you far, but no one is perfect, each person is likely to develop something that there mother or father might be experiencing now in there life. An example of this is male baldness, this type of heredity gets in the way of healthy hair growth. There have been studies done, that say no matter how good your genetics are, if the environment is bad enough it can effect you negatively. By the environment, I am talking about the people around you that influence you as well as the type of lifestyle you lead. Although, the outside environment also plays a part in what we may develop over time. We are all exposed to a certain level of toxins from pollution that is passed through our food chains. Therefore, balding can also be a cause of our environment, in this case there would hair loss treatment for men and women.


Many physical aspects in our life is determined by genetics, this includes our height, eye colour, skin colour etc. Genetics however, cannot determine our personality, but can play a part. How we react to situations, how we feel about things and the skills we acquire are determined by the environment that we surround ourselves with.


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