Amazing Pavlova!

The pavlova has become an extremely trendy dessert over the last 5 years. It is a meringue based dessert, once cooked it is filled with cream and tropical fruits. It best cooked in summer when you can buy fresh berries, granadillas and mangos from your local store.


Relocating to New Zealand is no longer an absolute must to get the best pavlovas. Making a pavlova can be quite tricky and there are many recipes available, although that doesn’t guarantee that it will come out the way you want it to. It must be slightly hard on the outside,relocating to New Zealand, International removals but when broken must be moist. It takes just a few ingredients so you won’t need an international mover to get all the goods. This type of dessert would impress any guest that dines at your home.


There are key factors to keep in mind when making pavlova. Once you have memorised these factors, it will be very hard to mess it up. You should cook pavlova very slowly at a relatively low temperature. Whisk the egg white first until they form soft peaks. Add in your castor sugar one teaspoon at a time, no matter how stupid it may seem, it yields amazing results. You will know when the pavlova is ready to be popped into the oven, the mix becomes glossy like shaving cream. Put your mixture into a ziplock bag and cut the one edge, by doing this you can form small or large nests that the cream can sit in.

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