Our beautiful country offers great experiences and sight seeing right outside our door. The city of Cape Town recently won the Design Capital of the world, this has and will continue to boost the level of tourism in the country. We should take advantage of the upgrades and guest houses popping up in unheard of towns in the country.

Many people consider themselves well travelled only if they have left the borders of South Africa. I have a different view and believe that a two hour drive outside our city offers just as much excitement and wonder than flying for the same amount of time. By doing this we would be able to travel and gain experiences more often, it is less time consuming than flying, most probably less expensive and the entire family including the grand parents can now join. Another bonus is that by supporting our local attractions and destinations we are building up our country to become known as a great tourist destination, therefore attracting more international investments.

Who would have thought we could have such an impact. I say we find a good  trailer for sale, get the family or friends together, book a place you have never heard of before and go explore.

trailer for sale, fire engine

So before you kick start those fire engines and take a long weekend away don’t forget to book accommodation a couple of weeks before the time, check your tires and do some research about the place.


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