Kitchen tiling made easy

Redecorating your kitchen is a great idea and one of the biggest impacts, of a few, is retiling your kitchen floor. The best place to start would be to pick the perfect tile for your kitchen. Pick a colour which complements the colour of paint you are using for the room. There are many kinds of tiles which go with any colours such as beige ceramic tiles and white porcelain tiles.

If you can try to get some samples from the supplier and bring them home to compare each of them. Once you have the best tile for your room you can start with the tiling. Calculate how many tiles you would need and buy a few extra pair since tiles have a tendency to crack if you don’t work with them carefully or in transport (most companies pack them in protective materials).

If your floor is covered with wooden floorboards you need to cover the floor with cement and create an even surface. When you have prepared the floor and created an even surface you can start planning where the and how the tiles should be laid down. The easiest way to work on a room is to divide it in segments and start with one. This way you will be able to track your progress and not work everywhere all at once and you can have a view of how the final result will look.

Pick the first quadrant and pick up the tiles and add adhesive. Mix your mortar and add it evenly over the area you want to start off with, add spacers so that all your tiles are exactly spaced from each other. Once you are done continue with the next quarter till all of the tiles are in place.

Once you let them set (normally 24 hours) and the cement and mixture is completely dry you can lightly wash them off with water.

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