Whether it is raw, cooked or powdered, ginger has made its way around the world, and into our homes, restaurants and medicines. This wonder food has been used for thousands of years for benefiting enhanced health, as well as adding to the flavour of food.

Ginger is considered Asia’s most valued spice due to the numerous benefits it provides. It has been used for sore throats, cold sore treatments, arthritis, and muscle relaxant medications as well as in solaray vitamins. When travelling, ginger is a great substitute for an anti nausea tablet and counters the effects of food poisoning. Simply place pieces of ginger in your tea without the milk to combat this reaction.

In the kitchen, ginger adds a hot lemony flavour, which works particularly well with Asian cuisine. It blends well with spices such as cumin and coriander; it is a great spice to experiment with other flavours. solaray vitaminsYou could even try making something new, like ginger ice-cream. It can be found in most grocery stores around the world throughout the year. When buying this spice it must be smooth and unblemished on the outside. Most recipes only need one or two inches of ginger, to provide that amazing flavour. It should break with ease and last up to one week, at room temperature or one month, if put in the fridge.

Some people believe ginger provides energy, but this has yet to be proven. You should rather try ginseng or pharma nord cla 24/7 instead.



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