There comes a stage in our existence where we start to think about our life and how it turned out. To some, this time might mean searching for answers, trying new adventures or even making certain changes to our lives – often in an impulsive manner. This is commonly known as a midlife crises, which usually takes place between the ages of 40 and 60.

When and why it occurs will be unique to each person’s circumstances. A midlife crises is often brought on by stress through a variety of personal reasons such the death of a parent, debt or an affair. It is said to be a western problem, as we have become so infatuated with looking younger that something like cosmetic surgery becomes one of our first responses to these changes.

In some circumstances, we start to question our marriage and question whether we have missed out on other experiences. Due to physical changes that may be taking place, we can become frustrated with the continual reminder that our age is catching up to us. Our careers are often a great source of stress; the rise of unemployment and perhaps lack of accomplishment over the years may also lead us to a midlife crisis.


People tend to cope in different ways during these years. It may include plastic surgeryplastic surgery to look more youthful, becoming obsessed with gadgets for the home to take our mind off the issues, drastically changing our look with new clothes and hairstyles or even going to the extreme of buying a new sports car and getting a tattoo.

Getting through a time like this can be painful. If you’re feeling the onset of a midlife crisis then changing a few things can be helpful, but it’s important to try and remain sensible about the changes you want to make and take your time deciding.


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