With the recent recession hitting the whole world, people have been running around with red eyes, half done ties and tensed up shoulders. Reason being, debt. Debt is what caused the recession in the first place. Normal psychiatric counseling have been overshadowed by debt counseling.


People are looking for advice all over the place. How do I clear my debts quickly? How do I approach my current debt situation and so forth. Some might have even considered suicide rather than facing their own glum financial situation. Looking at the bigger picture should provide some sort of perspective to individuals affected by this recession, in other words, everyone. My point exactly is that everyone is affected by the recession, so everyone has to deal with their own financial dilemma. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Those four words have the ability to save your life.


Don’t go running to sequestration South Africa to go declare yourself bankrupt just yet. This too shall pass. Although it may seem like a never ending crisis, there are plenty institutions and businesses out there who are focusing all their energy on helping their country and fellow citizens to crack this recession. Bailing out and accepting defeat will only make the mountain to climb a bit steeper for the rest of us.


Look at it as a extended winter. The rain doesn’t stop, and you are stuck inside. But in the end, you know the sun will come out again.







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