Mobile Phone etiquette at the work

Having poor mobile phone etiquette at the office can cost your company their image as well as your career. Picking up the phone during meetings or answering the phone unprofessionally can and will cost you clients. Here are a few rules you should follow when it comes to phone etiquette at the office.

Set your phone to vibrate

– Set your phone to vibrate mode as it will still grab your attention if you’re waiting for an important call. This way you won’t annoy people with your phone ringing off the hook every 10 minutes. If you leave it on at least get a decent ringtone everyone will enjoy.

 Utilise your voicemail

We know it’s important to stay in touch with your family during the day but don’t let it affect your work. If you see it’s a family member calling them put them on voice mail obviously if they call more than once then you know it’s really important. If you really need to know what’s happening then listen to your voicemails after the call, at least it doesn’t ring. The vodafone smart black and samsung s5570 galaxy mini have great voicemail features, be sure to use them.

Do not bring phones to meetings

Nothing is a s distracting as a phone ringing in the middle of an important meeting. It’s seen as disrespectful towards your co-workers as well as your client. Rather keep your phone outside the meeting room or be completely sure its on silent.

Be professional and use text messages instead of voice calls

Some people are lazy and will rather call to tell someone something than take a few minutes to text them. Texting is quite and it doesn’t distract your fellow employees from their work.

 Avoid embarrassing ring tones

If you are allowed to put your phone on loud remember to pick a ringtone which fits the working environment. Using a ringtone with curses and inappropriate vocals can be distracting and embarrassing.

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