Save more with these energy tips


We have some great tips to help you save money with your electricity bill, through turning your home into a energy saving home. How to do that? Here are tips that will guide you in making your home an energy saving home.

1. Create your own energy.

One of the best ways to save on your electricity bill is to make your own energy. No we’re not talking about converting energy out of a field of potatoes. The best way to create your own energy is to use inexhaustible products to create it. Good examples of these are the sea, the sun and manmade generators.
2. Make use of the Solar Panels.

Solar panels are a great way of saving electricity and are extremely green to use. The sun’s energy is caught by the solar panels and converted into usable energy for your home. It works great when you want to use domestic devices or lighting equipment.
3. Switch off the geyser

Your geyser’s water temperature rises and drops through the whole day. When the water temperature drops the geyser has to heat the water again. A vicious cycle of heating and cooling ensues. Rather switch it on during the night and switch it of right after you showered in the morning. The water should keep warm for a while if you still need to do the dishes

4. Replace old appliances

Old appliances use more energy than their later models since they run on old technology. Buy new home appliances and kitchen appliances to ensure that you save electricity. You’ll have the added bonus of having new things in the house plus a very good reason to use on your husband when you need things for the house.


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