European Easter breaks

If like so many others you have decided to take a much needed break this Easter, why not consider making Europe your destination of choice. Europe is home to a wide variety of prime holiday destinations suited for all members of the family.

If you where to consider the current US dollar to Euro exchange rate it is clear to see that even in today’s tough economic environment that you could afford a decent overseas holiday.


Winter sports are second nature to many of the Swiss. The winter snowfalls are not only ideal for a variety of winter sports but the Swiss landscape decked out in its winter glory is a true spectacle to behold. You could opt for the classic skiing, snowboarding or ice skating however there is a variety of other sports also on offer here. Curling for the more faint of heart, cross country skiing for the adventurer and frozen river trekking for the avid explorer, Switzerland has something for the entire family.


The emerald isle is awash with winter activities. This country is rich in culture and folklore. While staying at your hotel accommodation Ireland you and your children can enjoy many a story being told around a roaring fire with regards to the mystism that surrounds this beautiful country. Book hotel Ireland early and make use of a variety of specials that are on offer.



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