So you’re starting your own studio?

Starting your own photography studio might seem easy but it’s no small feat. The construction which goes into building a studio can be laborious. Before you start you should plan well ahead when it comes to budget, blueprints of the layout and functionality.

Some other things you will need for the studio:

Infinity curve

The infinity curve is great for indoor shots when you don’t want a wall that prominently displays lines. This way you will have a seamless background for your model shoots and a white background for product photography. Just remember to give it a good paint once in a while.

Changing room

Cordoning off a small room for your models to dress in is not only professional but also a much needed addition to a studio. The room should have enough space for make-up, to change and store personal belongings.

Lights and lights

You need the perfect lighting in the studio since studios are all about manipulating light to your whim. Find the perfect studio lights for your projects and remember to have enough outlets to power the lights.

Storage space

When you have a studio you will have a lot of equipment. You’ll need efficiently sized storage space to store your equipment. Lighting equipment is especially large as well as props that you will use. When storing the equipment your working environment will be perfect and wont hinder your creativity.


Cameras and the add-ons can be very expensive. That’s why you need a strong vault to store your sony cameras, sigma lenses, digital slr camera and any other camera lenses. Not only will you secure your business but you will benefit from having a secure place to store important equipment.


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