Safari Rumors

I think the main reason why people don’t like safaris is because there are certain people that does like it but take it a bit too far. Safari suits, hat, binoculars the works. I hope no one takes offense in anything I say, just try and see the humor in the actions of us humans.

Firstly and most important if your wear a safari outfit and safari hat, it won’t make you see more wildlife than the guy with the red shirt, especially when he is in the same crowd as you. I know most of the people wearing safari outfits aren’t from South Africa and want to be part of our culture but no one wears safari suits! Tourists actually make themselves easy targets for criminals by wearing clothing that ridiculous.

Secondly, camouflage, really? Most wild animals can’t see colors and the rest would’ve run away if they heard the roaring engine of the game truck coming closer. It is only humans that can’t see you when you’re very far in the bushes and when you’re in the bushes then, I think you’ll prefer it when humans can see you. You might be lying there screaming for help.

The most famous place to check out these “dress up parties” is mostly during kruger park safaris. It is one of the most famous national parks in South Africa. Tourists like to do it all out then.

Thirdly, this one is not that common but believe me you do get these ones. The music. They play music in the car hoping that the wild animals will come running to them. No, that can’t work! Surely that animal can distinct between a speaker and its friend and why would you want an animal running after you, at any point of time that animal can decide to attack!

So next time when you are doing one of the kruger park tours try and keep your laugh for later and think logically before you think your great idea is so, great.


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