Keep your family safe through preventing kitchen fires

We had quite the scare the other day as one of our friends kitchens caught fire and almost burned the whole house down. It’s time like those that I jump onto the internet and see what I can find to teach myself about it, just so that I can be prepared if it should happen to me.

Sometimes I’m in the kitchen but I don’t want to stay there forever, I have my own things to do besides cooking or sometimes I have a slow roasting recipe in the oven. When you can’t stay in the kitchen you should install a fire alarm (to warn you of impending fires), check you cooking regulalry and keep a fire extinguisher nearby to douse the flames if your cooking goes up in flames.

Try these few tips to keep your kitchen area safe:

  • Loose clothing catch fire easier if you are working with flames, rather wear something which is close fitting and won’t fall into the flames.
  • Children can be a danger in the kitchen since they are sometimes unpredictable, either teach them where they can be or make a no kitchen rule when you are cooking.
  • Cleaning your kitchen is just as important for safety since old grease or anything else flammable might help the fire spread. A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen.
  • Keep all flammable materials and liquids out of the kitchen or stored securely since they might help spread or cause the fire when near an open flame.

When should I put out a fire?

The safest time to attempt to put out a fire is when the fire is still in the pan or oven. If the fire spreads more than that you should contact the fire brigade so they can come with their fire engines to douse the flame. They may have the water tanks trailers for sale if you have fire emergencies and need vast amounts of water but rather call the experts and be safe.

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