Save money in 2012

Money saving is probably high on the list of peoples new years resolutions. For me it is always there but I always seem to get carried away when I buy something. I think about how much I want to spend until the moment I must actually spend it. That’s when something in my mind tells me that I can actually spend a bit more than what I first set out to spend. I have put some easy practices into effect in 2012 though to make sure that I am saving for the future. This stuff is so simple to do that everybody should be doing this to ensure they save. If you have tried everything short of debt counselling then do these few things before you take a big step like that.

Leave that plastic card at home

My day is pretty much the same every single day. I can plan exactly what I am going to need money for or how I should be spending it. If I want to buy something while I am at work like luxuries then I give myself a certain amount to use for that. Even if have cravings for 2 different stuff I will eliminate one of it and make sure I get the one I want the most.

Open an investment account

Opening an investment account is quick and easy, mostly because banks love to take your money and save it for themselves. I went with a 32 day account which basically lets me give the bank 32 days notice for when I want the money. This of course keeps the money away from me and its not easy to get access either. The bank will only give you access to the money immediately if you have an emergency of some sorts. Otherwise you just going to have to wait the 32 days out. By then you would have got paid and would not need the money anymore.

Put the debit orders on

Whatever you have to pay every month put a debit order on for it. Also try to pay accounts or similar things with a extra amount. This way the following month your account will be lower and lower until you eventually have an installment of nothing for a month or two.

If its debt management you are looking for then you are already past the stage of getting some help with saving. I still would not put these tips off though. It could really help pull you out of your debt slump and get back to spending money on stuff you actually want while saving also.

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