What you should know about Jewellery design

The growth of profitability for jewellery designers has perked younger people’s interest in the art. That’s why more and more people are starting their own jewellery business or showing more interest in the craft. When a jewellery designer you will be working with different kinds of stones, not all of them are precious.

It depends on the kind of budget that your company has for jewellery stock. If they have enough money you will have a large quantity of different stones and metals. As you start out with your course you will be working with costume jewellery, precious jewellery and junk jewellery. Each stone and metal has its own unique qualities which make for an interesting course when taking design. I enjoy working with white gold and tanzanite; the colours look amazing when they come together.

After earning your Jewellery designing diploma or degree you will be working with established designers who have worked with many precious metals and stones and are a vast source of information in the field. When working for the first time listen to your mentor and exercise what you have learned, even though it may not be your style you will still find something from what he has taught you to incorporate into your own unique style. Most designers don’t start out with their own jewellery designing style but as you become more experienced and established you will find your unique style.

In the beginning try to follow these trends to build a solid foundation in your clientele:

  • Create  jewellery for men, women and children according to the latest fashions
  • Do detailed research on the products you wish to focus on
  • Find a stable supplier for your stones and minerals

Once you have done laid a solid foundation you can start creating your unique style for your target market because of the stable finance you will be receiving from your general work. With the internet booming like it is you will be able to sell your jewellery online as well as necklaces online if it is your niche.



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