Save more with these energy tips


We have some great tips to help you save money with your electricity bill, through turning your home into a energy saving home. How to do that? Here are tips that will guide you in making your home an energy saving home.

1. Create your own energy.

One of the best ways to save on your electricity bill is to make your own energy. No we’re not talking about converting energy out of a field of potatoes. The best way to create your own energy is to use inexhaustible products to create it. Good examples of these are the sea, the sun and manmade generators.
2. Make use of the Solar Panels.

Solar panels are a great way of saving electricity and are extremely green to use. The sun’s energy is caught by the solar panels and converted into usable energy for your home. It works great when you want to use domestic devices or lighting equipment.
3. Switch off the geyser

Your geyser’s water temperature rises and drops through the whole day. When the water temperature drops the geyser has to heat the water again. A vicious cycle of heating and cooling ensues. Rather switch it on during the night and switch it of right after you showered in the morning. The water should keep warm for a while if you still need to do the dishes

4. Replace old appliances

Old appliances use more energy than their later models since they run on old technology. Buy new home appliances and kitchen appliances to ensure that you save electricity. You’ll have the added bonus of having new things in the house plus a very good reason to use on your husband when you need things for the house.


Pros of Playing Online Bingo

Bingo has been played in halls for years; it’s a relatively easy game and very fun to play.  You had to schedule time in your day to get dressed, jump into the car and drive to the hall. With technology advancing with the speed of light we are able to enjoy this amazing game online. Here are some Pro’s to why it’s to your advantage to play the game online rather than playing it at the civic hall.

 Advantages of playing bingo online

You don’t have to wait for your community to schedule a new bingo game. You can power up the computer and log in to play online bingo any time you want. You can also play as many times as you want and don’t have to wait for other players to get new cards or people interrupting the game.

You can play online bingo at the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing better than kicking off your shoes, making some coffee and sitting down to enjoy a few hours of playing bingo and winning some money.

You save fuel because you don’t have to drive to the meetings to play a game. With the money you save you can enjoy even more games and earn bigger bonuses and rewards.

It’s easy to start with and sites give you explanations on how to play. If you’re a beginner or an expert you will quickly find your spot to play in. This way you won’t feel intimidated as a newcomer or slowed down by newcomers.

There are rewards you can earn as soon as you join the online bingo site are incredible, espcially the bingo promotions. You can earn rewards as well as bonuses as you play giving you the potential to earn more money as you play.


Tips on being a great forex trader

Take it like a man – Accept when you make a loss. The trading industry can be a rollercoaster ride of bad and good choices. Don’t stick to a bad buy, rather be more flexible and accept that sometimes you will make a great buy and other times not. One good trade doesn’t make you the best trade, accept losses and celebrate successes, learn from your mistakes and you will become more successful.

Focus – The market will go its own way, events will happen unexpectedly and affect your share. Don’t spend money you don’t have or presume you will have because the share has been doing well. Have a failsafe to fall back on and cover your loses if they do happen. Once you have a failsafe you will enjoy the ride.

Don’t trust demos – Demo trading can be a good learning school but don’t expect them to be a true reflection on the market out there. When you start trading online begin small to build your confidence and after that you can invest in bigger portions.

Stick to the strategy – When you make a lot of money on an investment you should stick to your initial strategy. Making a large amount shouldn’t sidetrack you from what your initial plan and long term goals.

Learn from your mistakes – Constantly look at other trades and shares. Learn from other peoples mistakes and use them become a great success in your online trading. This way you won’t have to make the mistakes and lose a lot of money.

Trading for Wrong Reasons – Don’t trade because there’s nothing happening on the market. If you don’t see any activity on the market then don’t jump in on a whim and make an investment on a share teetering on a good or bad market.

Research– The market always changes so buy books and listen to seminars to build your skill. This way you will always have the upper hand when it comes to investing.

Although investing in stock yourself can be rewarding you might lose a lot of money on the way, even if you have been doing it for a few years. Contact an investment broker who have experience in forex trading  since its their profession. They follow the market everyday and know when and where to make an investment. This way you will know what is forex for as you start making money by the day, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

European Easter breaks

If like so many others you have decided to take a much needed break this Easter, why not consider making Europe your destination of choice. Europe is home to a wide variety of prime holiday destinations suited for all members of the family.

If you where to consider the current US dollar to Euro exchange rate it is clear to see that even in today’s tough economic environment that you could afford a decent overseas holiday.


Winter sports are second nature to many of the Swiss. The winter snowfalls are not only ideal for a variety of winter sports but the Swiss landscape decked out in its winter glory is a true spectacle to behold. You could opt for the classic skiing, snowboarding or ice skating however there is a variety of other sports also on offer here. Curling for the more faint of heart, cross country skiing for the adventurer and frozen river trekking for the avid explorer, Switzerland has something for the entire family.


The emerald isle is awash with winter activities. This country is rich in culture and folklore. While staying at your hotel accommodation Ireland you and your children can enjoy many a story being told around a roaring fire with regards to the mystism that surrounds this beautiful country. Book hotel Ireland early and make use of a variety of specials that are on offer.



Storage for Nuclear reactor rods

The spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor are the most radioactive of all nuclear wastes. When all the radiation given off by nuclear waste is tallied, the fuel rods give off 99% of it, in spite of having relatively small volume. There is, as of now, no permanent storage site of spent fuel rods. Temporary storage is being used while a permanent site is searched for and prepared.

The process:


Temporary Pool Storage

The rods are extremely hot when they are removed from the reactor core. That is why they are temporarily stored in the pool where the rods go to cool down. It’s not just water in the pool but boric acid as well since the acid absorbs some of the radiation that is released by the radioactive nuclei inside the rods. The problem with this method is that the pool is only so big and that the rods should not touch each other. If they do the possibility of a nuclear chain reaction is possible and it could mean a massive explosion, destroying life in a thousand kilometre radius.


Temporary Dry Storage

Dry storage is the other method used if the pools are reaching their maximum capacity. The radioactive wastes (rods) are stored in reinforced casks or they entomb it in military concrete bunkers. They normally put the rods in the dry storage areas once the rods have cooled down for 5 years in the pool.


Permanent storage

A fool proof permanent storage still has to be found for radioactive waste but so far it has been shot into space, planting them deep underneath the ocean and burying it in the middle of the Sahara desert. If it’s buried somewhere in the desert it shouldn’t be close to any life or water (which there isn’t much) since the radioactive waste tends to leak which would affect life around the site.


Who knew storing radioactive waste could be such a mission. Luckily we only have to worry about organising the garage and using stackable storage bins and chrome wire shelving to store our things. Maybe we should send them some…





Safari Rumors

I think the main reason why people don’t like safaris is because there are certain people that does like it but take it a bit too far. Safari suits, hat, binoculars the works. I hope no one takes offense in anything I say, just try and see the humor in the actions of us humans.

Firstly and most important if your wear a safari outfit and safari hat, it won’t make you see more wildlife than the guy with the red shirt, especially when he is in the same crowd as you. I know most of the people wearing safari outfits aren’t from South Africa and want to be part of our culture but no one wears safari suits! Tourists actually make themselves easy targets for criminals by wearing clothing that ridiculous.

Secondly, camouflage, really? Most wild animals can’t see colors and the rest would’ve run away if they heard the roaring engine of the game truck coming closer. It is only humans that can’t see you when you’re very far in the bushes and when you’re in the bushes then, I think you’ll prefer it when humans can see you. You might be lying there screaming for help.

The most famous place to check out these “dress up parties” is mostly during kruger park safaris. It is one of the most famous national parks in South Africa. Tourists like to do it all out then.

Thirdly, this one is not that common but believe me you do get these ones. The music. They play music in the car hoping that the wild animals will come running to them. No, that can’t work! Surely that animal can distinct between a speaker and its friend and why would you want an animal running after you, at any point of time that animal can decide to attack!

So next time when you are doing one of the kruger park tours try and keep your laugh for later and think logically before you think your great idea is so, great.

So you’re starting your own studio?

Starting your own photography studio might seem easy but it’s no small feat. The construction which goes into building a studio can be laborious. Before you start you should plan well ahead when it comes to budget, blueprints of the layout and functionality.

Some other things you will need for the studio:

Infinity curve

The infinity curve is great for indoor shots when you don’t want a wall that prominently displays lines. This way you will have a seamless background for your model shoots and a white background for product photography. Just remember to give it a good paint once in a while.

Changing room

Cordoning off a small room for your models to dress in is not only professional but also a much needed addition to a studio. The room should have enough space for make-up, to change and store personal belongings.

Lights and lights

You need the perfect lighting in the studio since studios are all about manipulating light to your whim. Find the perfect studio lights for your projects and remember to have enough outlets to power the lights.

Storage space

When you have a studio you will have a lot of equipment. You’ll need efficiently sized storage space to store your equipment. Lighting equipment is especially large as well as props that you will use. When storing the equipment your working environment will be perfect and wont hinder your creativity.


Cameras and the add-ons can be very expensive. That’s why you need a strong vault to store your sony cameras, sigma lenses, digital slr camera and any other camera lenses. Not only will you secure your business but you will benefit from having a secure place to store important equipment.