Selling your motorcycle via online classifieds.

So you have made the decision to sell your motorcycle and as heartbreaking as that is the process of placing your beloved ride on the correct and reputable online classifieds will put you one step closer to ensuring that you find a decent home for you’re soon to be ex ride.


Before you decide on a price do yourself a favour and call up a reputable motorcycle dealership and enquire as to the selling price of your particular make and model. Another option would be to take it in for a valuation, as certain models due to their uniqueness appeals to collectors and could go for a decent amount of money.

Decent photographs

Remember that you are competing for the attention of potential buyers along with hundreds of other people trying to sell their motorcycles as well. Many users will surf through the online classifieds and not look at price or year model but will look at decent pictures of the bike in question. Make sure that you have corresponding pictures of the accessories that you have mentioned in your ad and don’t forget to include the usual shots of the fairings, tires as well as chain and sprockets. The classifieds Cape Town have really upped the anti in this regard.


If you have a older machine and any major mechanical work had to be done, make a point to hold onto any documentation to corroborate your claim of professional workmanship. The documented service history of the machine will also add to the overall value of the bike.


Try to meet in a neutral location when at all possible so as to not disclose the exact location of where the motorcycle is stored. There have been recorded incidents of bikes being stolen after meetings with potential buyers. This could be put down to coincidence but rather ere on the side of caution.


You have listed your motorcycle online for a particular price however this price is not nessecarily your asking price. Ensure that no matter what you not go beneath your minimum asking price.  Once the monies have cleared in your account and possession of the motorcycle has changed hands be sure to remove the listing off the classifieds Johannesburg.

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