Creating space in your home

A lot of people that are planning to do home changes for the new year and I guess most of them will be focusing on creating more space in every room in their home. This weekend past I was doing the post festive season clean up and I discovered great places to put the items I use the most and those that are less important in my home.

The garage

So at the moment there are loads of stuff just laying around in my garage that needs to be put somewhere. For some reason certain family members want stuff to be kept even though they didn’t use it for a few years. It is some kind of addiction(or disease I like to call it) that makes people want to hold onto all sorts of old stuff because it has sentimental value. Like I said the stuff is all just laying in my garage at the moment but I plan to build a few cabinets with adjustable shelves in there in order to pack all this stuff away no matter what the shape or size of it is. I also made use of some chrome wire shelving in order to put stuff on that I or anybody else might need quick access to.

In the home

I have manged to create a completely new room by adding hanging cupboards in the storage room. This means that I have space to do other things on the floor instead of having stuff just laying around. The cupboards is not that big either and there is still space for other items in each of them. The first thing that I thought of was using the room as a guest bedroom because I always have people over but never have a real room for them to sleep in. This leaves them on the couch which is not really ideal for them or my couches.

The kitchen – My favourite room

So in my kitchen I had this huge black bin that we used for every piece of dirt that the house made. Well being a new year I decided to try something new as well. We have brought in a couple of plastic bins with labels on for different types of dirt. My kids love this idea as it teaches them about recycling as well. They love that kind of thing. This different bins takes up less space than the massive one I use to have and helps the environment in some way as well. I have also used hanging cupboards where possible in the kitchen to free up more space for myself to move around.


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