South African Décor and Design

With Cape Town as design capital of 2014, South Africa must certainly have the talent to proof that. Not many people realize that this country has a lot to offer in the sense of design. Now I’ll be looking at two local designers who stood out for me regarding interior design.
With design talent such as Tracy Lee Lynch who is a creditable interior designer inside and outside the South African borders, I can now exactly see what the local talent hype is all about. She has a fresh look on interior design and also inspires many young designers to follow in her footsteps. Here is some of Tracy’s work, truly fresh and innovative.

Beatnik bazaar is also a group of young local designers who specializes in unique, vintage décor. The Cape Town based Beatnik Bazaar offers more than just interior pieces but also vintage bicycles, jewellery, shoes and ceramics. Vintage elements have been a true inspiration to many South African designers and certainly makes Beatnik Bazaar’s world go round. Here are some pieces available from Beatnik Bazaar.

This is only two designers that made an impression on me, but this country is full of talent just as good as these two. South Africa is full of designers with revolutionary ideas and perspective to design. With a history like ours we are inspired by sadness, happiness and the past to improve the future.









When you’re busy looking for interior ideas for your own house you come across the exhibits of young local talent and can see with a new fresh perspective. For a simple example I encountered; instead of painting your walls or using messy wall paper, artistic wall tiles can transform any room into your dream living space. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tile or mosaic tiles anything can change a room or even outside space, for the best!


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