Keeping your horse healthy

Horses want to be loved and have a loving personality. They especially love attention and loads of exercise. They thrive when they are in a stress free environment and have a daily routine.

Saddles for your horse

Buy quality equipment as well as saddles which fit perfectly. This way the horse will be able to focus on the running at hand and not trying to avoid the pain of the saddle. Use a cover to place beneath the saddle as well to prevent scathing. It’s truly something to invest in even if it is a bit more expensive. You will find many kinds of saddles but our favourite one is the cowboy saddle as it’s a very comfortable saddle for you and the horse.

Clean your horse

Cleaning your horse’s hooves is a very important part of caring for your horse. After each trail or Horse walk you need to pick up your horses hooves and scrape the sole of the hoof, watch out for any rocks as well which might lead to a limp. Always be prepared since a horse has a very strong kick.

Exercising your horse

Horses need exercise but sometimes we’re a bit too busy or it gets dark at night faster due to winter. That is why you need to buy horse walkers to get your horses going when you really can’t take them for a run. The horse walker is a circular contraption which takes your horses for walks in circles. The horse is tied to the pole and leads the horse in circles so that it can at least stretch it legs and get out of its stable.

Horse Feed

As mentioned an acre of grass or plain will be good for each horse. This also helps when horses are feeding since their diet consists out of foliage. If the horse seems to be lacking any kind of vitamins or minerals you will be able to buy supplements. If you keep to the natural diet however you should be fine, just remember to keep the fibre intake of the horses high as it helps the digestive system of the horse to function properly as well as preventing gastric ulcers.


If you have the means and money it’s preferable to give each horse at least one acre to themselves. So if you have ten horses then you need ten acres for all of them. Creating an area where you can turn out your horse even when it is wet would be ideal. Dedicated areas are best and will give you time to plan flooring for long term turnouts.


Horses are expensive so as a last piece of advice I can recommend a kind of mobile tracking for your horse or even using a cellphone location tracker when you and your group goes out just so that people will know where you are if an emergency arises.



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