Selling your motorcycle via online classifieds.

So you have made the decision to sell your motorcycle and as heartbreaking as that is the process of placing your beloved ride on the correct and reputable online classifieds will put you one step closer to ensuring that you find a decent home for you’re soon to be ex ride.


Before you decide on a price do yourself a favour and call up a reputable motorcycle dealership and enquire as to the selling price of your particular make and model. Another option would be to take it in for a valuation, as certain models due to their uniqueness appeals to collectors and could go for a decent amount of money.

Decent photographs

Remember that you are competing for the attention of potential buyers along with hundreds of other people trying to sell their motorcycles as well. Many users will surf through the online classifieds and not look at price or year model but will look at decent pictures of the bike in question. Make sure that you have corresponding pictures of the accessories that you have mentioned in your ad and don’t forget to include the usual shots of the fairings, tires as well as chain and sprockets. The classifieds Cape Town have really upped the anti in this regard.


If you have a older machine and any major mechanical work had to be done, make a point to hold onto any documentation to corroborate your claim of professional workmanship. The documented service history of the machine will also add to the overall value of the bike.


Try to meet in a neutral location when at all possible so as to not disclose the exact location of where the motorcycle is stored. There have been recorded incidents of bikes being stolen after meetings with potential buyers. This could be put down to coincidence but rather ere on the side of caution.


You have listed your motorcycle online for a particular price however this price is not nessecarily your asking price. Ensure that no matter what you not go beneath your minimum asking price.  Once the monies have cleared in your account and possession of the motorcycle has changed hands be sure to remove the listing off the classifieds Johannesburg.


Keeping up with the Khumalos, Naidoos and Coetzees

Many people plough a lot of time, energy and money into making their homes outstanding. In a country that proudly brands itself as the Rainbow Nation, it comes as no surprise that the different types of housing styles found in South Africa are as diverse as its people – from the colourful patterns of a rural Ndebele home, to the stark white manor that overlooks the sea in Camps Bay. As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”, and what lies between four walls is often a reflection of a home owner’s interests, personality, social standing and culture. The following list pays homage to four different types of houses that dot the country’s rural and urban areas.

Bo-Kaap Houses

If you’re ever in Cape Town, affectionately called the Mother City, then a visit to Bo-Kaap would be worth your while. What makes the historic neighborhood uniquely beautiful, are the brightly coloured houses that line its cobbled streets; and the fact that it’s situated on the slopes of Signal Hill only add to its quaintness. These ‘little boxes on the hill side’ are home to many Cape Malayans, and many who visit Bo-Kaap step into the local restaurants to taste their tasty traditional dishes.

Ndebele Houses

White washed walls are the canvases of traditional Ndebele women, and their paint brushes are fashioned out of bundled twigs and feathers. The geometric patterns that that adorn their houses are outlined with rich black paint, and subsequently filled in with colour. One would be wrong to assume that the vibrant patterns are merely used for decoration.  They’re actually expressive symbols that originated in the 18th century when the Ndebele lost against the Boers on the battlefield. The Ndebele painted secret codes to communicate their cultural resistance to the current situation and the continuity of their culture. Today the symbols still stand for self-identity, values, emotions and marriage.

Oceanfront houses

The sprawling estates situated along the Garden Route, have some of the country’s most luxurious homes dotting South Africa’s coastline. These enviable homes are surrounded by very dramatic landscape: rugged cliffs, ancient forests, secluded sandy beaches, mountains, lagoons and cliff crashing waves. But when one steps inside, they are likely to find that the home is decked out with elegant and seamlessly designed home appliances and furniture. Pezula estate in Knysna has plots that sell for as much as R17 million; and it is home to several famous people such as Roger Federer and Graeme Smith.

Traditional Zulu Houses

Although many Zulu people now live in urban areas, a few still live in traditional homes. These are typically built by the men, and fashioned out of mud, grass, cow dung, tree poles, mud bricks and soil from anthills. A Zulu house is composed of several buildings of varying shapes and forms: a round house used for sleeping; a square house used for entertaining guests; and a hut made with grass walls and a grass roof, for the family’s ancestors. Each building has only one door, and all of them face in the same direction.

The arthor of this post writes on various topics including iLasik surgery and cataracts as she specializes in the medical field. Her love for property is something she picked up while doing many different research projects.

Creating space in your home

A lot of people that are planning to do home changes for the new year and I guess most of them will be focusing on creating more space in every room in their home. This weekend past I was doing the post festive season clean up and I discovered great places to put the items I use the most and those that are less important in my home.

The garage

So at the moment there are loads of stuff just laying around in my garage that needs to be put somewhere. For some reason certain family members want stuff to be kept even though they didn’t use it for a few years. It is some kind of addiction(or disease I like to call it) that makes people want to hold onto all sorts of old stuff because it has sentimental value. Like I said the stuff is all just laying in my garage at the moment but I plan to build a few cabinets with adjustable shelves in there in order to pack all this stuff away no matter what the shape or size of it is. I also made use of some chrome wire shelving in order to put stuff on that I or anybody else might need quick access to.

In the home

I have manged to create a completely new room by adding hanging cupboards in the storage room. This means that I have space to do other things on the floor instead of having stuff just laying around. The cupboards is not that big either and there is still space for other items in each of them. The first thing that I thought of was using the room as a guest bedroom because I always have people over but never have a real room for them to sleep in. This leaves them on the couch which is not really ideal for them or my couches.

The kitchen – My favourite room

So in my kitchen I had this huge black bin that we used for every piece of dirt that the house made. Well being a new year I decided to try something new as well. We have brought in a couple of plastic bins with labels on for different types of dirt. My kids love this idea as it teaches them about recycling as well. They love that kind of thing. This different bins takes up less space than the massive one I use to have and helps the environment in some way as well. I have also used hanging cupboards where possible in the kitchen to free up more space for myself to move around.

South African Décor and Design

With Cape Town as design capital of 2014, South Africa must certainly have the talent to proof that. Not many people realize that this country has a lot to offer in the sense of design. Now I’ll be looking at two local designers who stood out for me regarding interior design.
With design talent such as Tracy Lee Lynch who is a creditable interior designer inside and outside the South African borders, I can now exactly see what the local talent hype is all about. She has a fresh look on interior design and also inspires many young designers to follow in her footsteps. Here is some of Tracy’s work, truly fresh and innovative.

Beatnik bazaar is also a group of young local designers who specializes in unique, vintage décor. The Cape Town based Beatnik Bazaar offers more than just interior pieces but also vintage bicycles, jewellery, shoes and ceramics. Vintage elements have been a true inspiration to many South African designers and certainly makes Beatnik Bazaar’s world go round. Here are some pieces available from Beatnik Bazaar.

This is only two designers that made an impression on me, but this country is full of talent just as good as these two. South Africa is full of designers with revolutionary ideas and perspective to design. With a history like ours we are inspired by sadness, happiness and the past to improve the future.









When you’re busy looking for interior ideas for your own house you come across the exhibits of young local talent and can see with a new fresh perspective. For a simple example I encountered; instead of painting your walls or using messy wall paper, artistic wall tiles can transform any room into your dream living space. Porcelain tiles, ceramic tile or mosaic tiles anything can change a room or even outside space, for the best!

4 Outside Home Improvement Tips – For Any House

A house is always judged from the outside.  It is important, if doing home improvements, to start outside. This will immediately increase the value of your house as well as make it softer on the eye.

Neat and tidy garden

If the lawn is trimmed, beddings perfect and no weeds making its way into your house, you’re halfway there. Maintain your garden and give attention to it, this is a very calming hobby and also very rewarding when you see your handy work turning into something beautiful. Beautiful gardens always attack birds and other gifts from nature. Maybe fairies will make an appearance too.

Paint your house regularly outside

The purple and pink houses may be memorable but not valuable. Try keeping your house a natural color. You can play around with colorful elements but in moderation. Most of the time the roof is neglected. Ensure it also gets a few coats of paint and that it doesn’t leak. Gutters should also be kept clean and in good condition.

Swimming Pool

There’s nothing worse than a green or empty swimming pool. It is a benefit to have a pool, use it, even if it has ornamental value. At night candles and other lighting will give your garden a majestic atmosphere. Wooden decking over the swimming pool will fit like a crown on a queen. This by itself will increase the value of your property instantly.

Around the house

Decorate the outside of your house with statues, art or even timber decking to walk out on your garden. This will turn it into a holiday home and will bring in elements of nature and calmness. Stained glass windows and birdfeeders will make it homier and attract the heart of nature.

Now every neighbor will be jealous and you will feel proud. Your garden will be like your baby and your house a palace you want to show all your friends and people around. Automatically when your house is neat on the outside you will make more effort with the inside. Try it!

Keeping your horse healthy

Horses want to be loved and have a loving personality. They especially love attention and loads of exercise. They thrive when they are in a stress free environment and have a daily routine.

Saddles for your horse

Buy quality equipment as well as saddles which fit perfectly. This way the horse will be able to focus on the running at hand and not trying to avoid the pain of the saddle. Use a cover to place beneath the saddle as well to prevent scathing. It’s truly something to invest in even if it is a bit more expensive. You will find many kinds of saddles but our favourite one is the cowboy saddle as it’s a very comfortable saddle for you and the horse.

Clean your horse

Cleaning your horse’s hooves is a very important part of caring for your horse. After each trail or Horse walk you need to pick up your horses hooves and scrape the sole of the hoof, watch out for any rocks as well which might lead to a limp. Always be prepared since a horse has a very strong kick.

Exercising your horse

Horses need exercise but sometimes we’re a bit too busy or it gets dark at night faster due to winter. That is why you need to buy horse walkers to get your horses going when you really can’t take them for a run. The horse walker is a circular contraption which takes your horses for walks in circles. The horse is tied to the pole and leads the horse in circles so that it can at least stretch it legs and get out of its stable.

Horse Feed

As mentioned an acre of grass or plain will be good for each horse. This also helps when horses are feeding since their diet consists out of foliage. If the horse seems to be lacking any kind of vitamins or minerals you will be able to buy supplements. If you keep to the natural diet however you should be fine, just remember to keep the fibre intake of the horses high as it helps the digestive system of the horse to function properly as well as preventing gastric ulcers.


If you have the means and money it’s preferable to give each horse at least one acre to themselves. So if you have ten horses then you need ten acres for all of them. Creating an area where you can turn out your horse even when it is wet would be ideal. Dedicated areas are best and will give you time to plan flooring for long term turnouts.


Horses are expensive so as a last piece of advice I can recommend a kind of mobile tracking for your horse or even using a cellphone location tracker when you and your group goes out just so that people will know where you are if an emergency arises.