When thinking of what to study?

When thinking of what degree to study there are a lot of things to consider. First of all, you have to ask yourself who is paying the bill? If it is the parents then it takes a lot of the pressure off, but if it’s a student loan then this is serious business and you will receive online invoicing. So let’s for arguments sake say that the parents or some generous person is paying for it. Now what are you going to Study?

Slacker: do you not really care and just want to enjoy your time at varsity and have no plans or goals for the future? Then it really doesn’t matter what you study, if you don’t care about failing the odd course and maybe spending a few extra years at varsity then maybe do a BA, yes don’t get angry if you did a Bachelor of Arts, maybe it’s something that really interests you, but let’s be honest it’s not the hardest degree in the world and not like operating small business software, if you put in half an effort and have half a mind for it, then you can pass easily.

I would say the best option is to do a degree that has a guarantee of job security and is somewhat guaranteed to get you a job. Something focussed, especially in this day and age with jobs in scarce supply. You might ask what kind of job and what I mean is, medicine, Accounting, engineering, architect etc, something that you study that you know what field you are going to enter. This for me is the best option. Sure a general degree may make you feel that you get what you want but in an interview a Bcom economics gets you know where and I am speaking from experience. Sure Mathematics sounds good or Genetics and you might be looked at if you are a genius, but what are you going to do with these degrees.

I am not being negative I am just added a bit of perspective to the world of employment, but who knows in the end you might just luck out and get your dream job like me.