Thailand I can’t Wait

I am off to Thailand, an exotic journey where I plan to backpack and jump from island to island. I cannot wait and I leave in 13 days. Just 13 days away from driving out to the airport meeting my 12 friends and getting on a plane. It is an 8 hour flight to Dubai on board Emirates Airline and I cannot wait.

It is natural health practice to get a doctor to sign all my medicines off so that I don’t held back for drug possession for something as harmless as nhp omega 3 plus, so better safe than sorry. After we are through customs it is a long wait of about 12 hours till be depart, so we have organised to get day pass Visa’s into Dubai. I have family there including 2 small cousins so it will be great to go spend some time with them and see a bit of Dubai. I have never been there so I am very excited to see what happens.

Its then a 9 hour flight to Bangkok the Capital of Thailand. We won’t stay there long as I have been looking at the news and I can see that it has been raining or should I say bucketing down. With Floods everywhere we will not spend time here and I doubt if we will even leave the airport. Its then Island hoping time and I am not going to go into the details but in my two weeks that I have got off work I am going to 4 islands and Phi Phi is one of my highlights that I cannot wait for.

We are also going to stay in a place called the DropInn for Thailand’s famous full moon party. I have heard that it is nuts and that every night is just one big party after another. Hence why I said earlier that I am taking medicine I have to be prepared, I am ready for everything, but what I do know is that I am going to enjoy every second.


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