What to drink to wash down your meal

We all know that there are various different combinations of what works with what when it comes to wine and food. Certain South African wines will give the food more taste or the food will bring out the taste of the wine much better. People rarely know what works with what and you will sometimes just hear people say that red wine works with a steak very well. The thing is that there is plenty of red wines out there and each one has a unique taste that can compliment your certain dish. I am going to give you a few great combos that I have tried personally and enjoyed the most out of all the combos I have had.

Bon Courage And a Light Meal
For people that might be on a diet but still want to enjoy a nice glass of wine with their food then this is the perfect combo for them. The full name for the wine is the Bon Courage Like Father Like Son Rose and the year 2010. I had mine with some nicely roasted chicken and also tried it with a good piece of hake. They both compliment each other very well but I think it was best with the fish. Like I said before this is pretty good for people on a diet or those that only eat fish and no other meats.

Champagne and Lobster
Now not everybody might be into lobster or those kinds of seafood creatures. Most people only enjoy the calamari and basic fish from the sea. Lobsters is a delicacy of some sort and people need to acquire the taste and really appreciate before they will ever like it. The Lobsters also needs to be cooked properly to be enjoyed with a good champagne. A place in Cape Town that does cook the lobster to perfection is Beluga in Green Point. Any champagne will work fine for this case. As long as there is a sparkling wine you should be able to enjoy the taste of the lobster with it.

Babylons Peak Babylon and Steak
This wine has a red fruit, vanilla and banana flavor and goes well with most meat dishes. The year of the wine I had with my steak was 2006 so I am not sure if you will still find these easily today. I had a home cooked steak that I threw over the coals for a year minutes. I prefer my steaks medium to well but its up to you how you want your steak cooked as it all goes good with the wine. If you have access to some venison then that will also go well with the wine. It actually tastes much better than the steak.

Ernst Gouws and Ribs
The full name of the wine is The Ernst Gouws and Co Chenin Blanc 2010. This is a great bottle of wine and easily available from any bottle store near you. This one will be best enjoyed with only the best pork ribs. Now ribs is another thing that you need to pay good attention to when cooking it. You want the steak to come off the bone easily so there is no fighting with the meat when you having dinner.

Matching a food with a wine is a pretty simple task for me. I think the most important stuff you need to consider is matching of texture, aromas, flavors and your own personal favorite food and wines. Nothing is going to taste better than your favorites so try to match those up as close as possible.