Oh to give a Gift, 4 points for success

When it comes to giving gifts, whether it be Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just because you want too, there can be a lot of pressure as to what to get. I tend to use a simple formula that always seems to help, whether you know the person or it’s for the person who has everything or that someone special.

Take a moment to think about the person

Is it someone you love, or just another random that is due a gift or Christmas hampers, this will immediately indicate to you how much time and money to take on this gift. If it turns out to be a loved one, do not panic, but just try and notice what he/she likes it can make the difference. The smell of them, their clothes, what makes them happy a good is really right there in front of you.

Money can make a difference

It pains me to say this, but of course money can, make a difference. Even if it’s for that boss you hate, a present that shows value and cash out of wallet will make the person remember you. Yes not everyone can do it, but a watch, jewelry and perfume can show someone you really care.

Money isn’t everything

This is my favorite as I do not have the resources to get everyone a watch even though that would be great. A well thought out gift does not have to take time, if you have taken point 1 into consideration then you have thought about it. Your boss my like a certain pastry from downtown but he can never get there, why not bring it gift wrapped. This leads me to my last and killer point.

Show them you care

If you have taken point 1 and 3 into account you will see that consideration is everything, time is greater than money. To give a gift from the heart is to show someone you car, and you might find they will treasure that gift more than the expensive watch. An example I have is I had to give a good friend of mine a 21st gift, a girl who had everything and I mean everything, from a helicopter, to a horse she had it. What to do all I did was take a few photos that I had of her and me around town, make a collage and engrave the frame….and there you go. She was touched and has it by her bed to this day.